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Dr. Sat Siri is available for multi-dimensional intuitive healing sessions as well as gentle, network chiropractic adjustments.


By phone

In person @ Dr. Sat Siri's Hacienda of Healing Arts


Each intuitive healing session is completely unique, just for you. Dr. Sat Siri delivers to you what you most need in this time and space, with infinite possibilities. Working on many levels, techniques vary, anywhere from very physical to completely subtle.


Healing work beneficial for:

Physical and emotional pain relief

Clearing/Releasing old patterns

Allergy Elimination

Organ/Glandular Balancing and Rejuvenation

Diet/Supplement Recommendations


Brain Balancing/Transformation

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Clearing past life trauma and karma

Activation of dormant or NEW ENERGIES.


Connect and release - relax deeply.
Clear, transform and be light.

With lots of love, Dr. Sat Siri invites you to contact her for an appointment or for more information.

With Light, Love, Gratitude and Joy
All in Divine